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Unmask Bitcoin Addresses.
Risk Scores & Attribution Data

Tap into advanced Bitcoin Attribution Data to unmask who's behind an address.

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Use Cases

De-anonymize Addresses

Uncover who's behind an address with sophisticated attribution data trusted by Law Enforcement around the globe.

Identify Fraud & Scams

Use risk scores assigned to every Bitcoin address to identify scams before you fall victim.

Recovery of Stolen Funds

Analyze transaction histories to follow where criminals send stolen funds and attempt recovery.

Our Customers

Crypto Investors

To avoid regulator risk, hedge funds and institutional investors verify source of funds before accepting delivery.

State & Local Law Enforcement

Same powerful blockchain analysis data used by federal agencies for a fraction of the cost.

Small Business & Individuals

Have you or your business been hit with ransomware? Track the stolen coins.

How is risk score and attribution data determined?

Risk Scores are Attribution Data is created by CipherTrace, the leader in Blockchain Analysis.

Active Intelligence Gathering

Data gathered from public and private data sources including the dark net and honey pots.

Law Enforcement Community

Active information sharing agreements with law enforcement and regulators.

Proprietary Algorithms

Advanced statistical analysis and machine learning techniques are used to distill meaning from big data.

Data from many sources

Sample Report

The sample below is a real report generated by our system.

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Check what's available before buying. Over 1.5 million data points are added weekly.


    Bitcoin Risk Reports are trusted by law enforcement, businesses, and individuals.

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    3 Risk Scores:

    • AML Score
    • Sanction Score
    • Gambling Score

    Enhanced Attribution Data

    Cluster Size and Addresses


    IP Address History


    Transaction History Report

    Up to 50 transactions

    Balance over time

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    per report

    Single Risk Score: AML Score

    Attribution Data

    Address Cluster Size


    Transaction History Report

    Up to 10 transactions

    Balance over time

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    How will I receive my report?

    After purchase you will receive your report via email in 10-15 minutes.


    How can I use this report?

    Reports can be used for end-user purposes only. Reports cannot be resold or incorporated into other products or services.

    Reports can be used when filing Internet Crime Complaints (IC3).


    Do you have information on every address?

    We do not have information on every single Bitcoin address. But we will tell you what information is available before you buy.


    What is your refund policy?

    If you are unsatisfied for any reason please contact us right away. If we cannot resolve the problem we will provide a full refund.